Mobile Banking


Exchange Bank's EZ Mobile Banking App FAQs

What requirements do I have to meet to use the EZ Mobile Banking App?

Tell me more. What does the EZ Mobile Banking App do?

Do I have to have the App in order to use the Mobile Deposit feature?

Is this App and the Mobile Deposit feature safe?

What is my User ID and Password to access the EZ Mobile Banking App?

Is everyone eligible to use the Mobile Deposit feature of the App? When can I start depositing checks?

What types of checks are eligible for Mobile Deposit?

What types of checks are NOT eligible for Mobile Deposit?

Is there a cutoff time?

Are there any fees associated with this service?

Are there any limits to how many items I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?

When will my deposit be available?

How do I know if my deposit posted?

What do I do with my check after I deposit it?

Do I need a deposit slip to make a deposit using the Mobile Deposit feature?

What if I submit the same check twice in error?

If I have a check that was returned can I resubmit it on this Mobile Deposit feature?

Do you have any suggestions for taking good photos of my checks?

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