ACH Origination

Increasingly, professional organizations are distributing payroll as Direct Deposit via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH transactions allow you to credit employee accounts directly without cutting payroll checks. This process saves your company money and gives your employees automatic credit to their banking account on payday.

Imagine the amount of goodwill generated by direct deposit ACH. No more waiting for checks to arrive from your payroll provider. No more "guarding the printer" to ensure privacy. No more having employees leave early or arrive late because they "had to go to the bank." Credits will be posted the day you designate as the effective date of pay. What could be easier?

Exchange Bank has installed the latest in ACH technology. This allows us to create automatic credits on your behalf for posting to any customer's bank account in the U.S. Because of the volume of transactions moving through ACH, the individual cost is minimal. You can extract pay information directly from your computer onto a secure website. We will generate the transactions on your behalf.

Will your employees allow you to credit their accounts? What is needed to start transactions? Are there any authorization documents they must sign? How will transaction information get from you to the bank? These questions can be easily answered by any of our Operations Officers at Exchange Bank.

Call us today to schedule a meeting specifically to discuss ACH origination. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs. It may be the most profitable call you make this year.

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