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Exchange Bank has three convenient locations to help you with all your banking needs. Simply call or visit us today!






4301 W. 6th

Stillwater, OK 74074


405.742.0101 (fax)


Downtown Perry

523 Delaware

P.O. Box 797

Perry, OK 73077


580.336.3297 (fax)


Perry Branch

14th & Fir

Perry, OK 73077

Inside Mrs. Perry Mart

580.336.7321 (fax)




At Exchange Bank, we strive to meet all of your banking needs with excellent customer service. Whether you need to open an account, have a questions regarding your ATM/Visa Check Card or need to borrow some money, we can help!! Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions, concerns or inquires. We are ready and willing to serve you!! 




Agricultural Lender

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Connelly Wade Sr. Vice President/CLO 580.572.8542


ATM / Check Cards

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Diana Hamburg Data Processing Representative 580.572.8534
Iva McDaniel-Sadler Vice President 580.572.8543
Shena Lawson Data Processing  Representative 580.572.8536
Kristy Jobes Assistant VP of  Operations 580.572.8527


Certificates of Deposit/IRA

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Darla Nida CD/IRA Representative 580.572.8523


Data Processing

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Diana Hamburg Data Processing
Shena Lawson Data Processing
Kristy Jobes Assistant VP of   Operations 580.572.8527


Human Resources

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Iva McDaniel-Sadler Vice President 580.572.8543


Loan Department

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Sheryl Vaughan Supervisor,
Assistant Cashier
Shannon Klinglesmith Loan Department
Michelle Seeliger Loan Department
Shelby Hopkins Loan Department


Loan Officers

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Charles R. Hall Chairman of the   Board, CEO 580.572.8558
Connelly Wade Sr. Vice  President/CLO 580.572.8542
Dwight Hamann President of  Stillwater 405.743.6022
Garrett Morris Assistant Vice President/ Credit Analyst 405.743.6040
Sherri Huneycutt Vice President 580.572.8549
Zack Hall President of Perry, CFO 580.572.8550
Andrea Bendele Vice President    Business Development 405.743.6039


Loan Secretaries/Customer Service

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Camber Robinett Administrative   Assistant 580.572.8529
Anne Kennedy Administrative   Assistant 580.572.8530
Ashleigh Wheatley Administrative   Assistant 580.572.8521
Angela Abney Administrative   Assistant 405.743.6021



Name Title Telephone E-mail
Amy Chenowith    Marketing   Director 580.572.8565
Charles Hall Chairman of the Board, CEO 580.572.8558


Mortgage Lenders

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Linda Dickerson    Senior Vice    President 405.743.6023
Rick Arterberry   Assistant Vice President 580.572.8528
Robin Dye   Vice President/  Underwriter 405.743.6036
Jeannie Layes    Assistant Vice   President 405.743.6037
Lois Malget Vice President 405.743.6047
Nicole Prince    Vice President 405.743.6038
Haley Annuschat   Mortgage Loan   Officer 405.743.6042


New Accounts

Name Title Telephone E-mail
Beverly Alexander New Accounts 580.572.8556
Ashleigh Wheatley New Accounts 580.572.8521
Kristy McKisson New Accounts 580.572.8570
Sydney Garcia New Accounts 405.743.6027
Kala Weatherly New Accounts 580.572.8563



Name Title Telephone E-mail
Dwight Hamann    President of   Stillwater 405.743.6022
Zack Hall President of Perry 580.572.8550


Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender


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