There is increased "phishing" activity being conducted by criminals who are attempting to gain personal and confidential information. Fraudsters employ various methods to obtain personal information such as e-mail, fake web sites, pop-ups, text messages, etc. These cyber-criminals copy logos and content styles of respected financial institutions in an attempt to elicit a response from a recipient who may or may not be a customer of that financial institution.

There have been several reports lately from financial institutions who indicate their cardholders are receiving text messages where criminals are asking them to call a phone number and provide information about their card. As always, it is important to safeguard your private information, including card number, social security number, PIN number, etc. Should you receive any requests from Exchange Bank regarding your card/account number via e-mail or text messages please contact us immediately. We will never ask for you to supply your personal or banking information to us electronically.

Please contact us at 580-336-5531 for more information or questions.


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Exchange Bank

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