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Exchange Bank has several different styles of cards to personally fit you! And NOW... You can get them INSTANTLY! When you open your account at Exchange Bank, we can print your card while you are in the bank*! No more waiting! Check out our full line of cards below and choose the one that best fits you! To order an ATM or Debit Card, contact a Customer Service Representative at Exchange Bank today!

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Report Lost or Stolen ATM Cards

Fraud Center System Phone #

Exchange Bank & smsGuardian

Exchange Bank ATM Card

Exchange Bank Debit Card

Business Debit Card

Stillwater Pioneer Debit Card

Perry Maroon Debit Card

Personality (Photo) Debit Card


Report Lost or Stolen ATM Cards

Monday – Friday - 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Contact Data Processing 580-336-5531. After Hours and Weekends Call 1-800-417-4592.

Fraud Center System     

Please call 1-800-417-4592 to verify or monitor transactions on your DEBIT CARD for fraudulent activity.                                  

Exchange Bank & smsGuardian

Exchange Bank and smsGuardian have partnered to offer you a free service available to Exchange Bank debit card customers. This service monitors your debit card purchases with Guardian Text Alerts.

When you sign up for smsGuardian, you  will receive a text message when a transaction is made to your registered debit card when:

  • A transaction is made that is greater than $250.00
  • A transaction that is international
  • A transaction that is funding an account – such as prepaid cards, financial accounts, person-to-person and digital wallets
  • A transaction where the ‘card is not present’ – such as online or phone purchase or payments
  • A transaction is declined

If you authorized this transaction- you do nothing.
If you did not  – you reply with the code that is sent to you and you will be contacted by our Fraud Center for further review.


  • An added layer of debit card monitoring where you are in control to help identify suspicious activity.
  • The text alert comes right to you on your cell phone.
  • If fraudulent activity is detected – You can respond to our text and  you will be contacted by our Fraud Center for further review.
  • Set a “Do Not Disturb” timeframe and you will not receive text during that time.
  • You can cancel your Guardian Text Alert subscription anytime by replying “STOP”
  • Texting “HELP” will get a text sent to you with a number to call for support.

You must register your debit card(s):

  • Click to sign up and register your debit cards.
  • You will need your debit card number and postal zip code to register.
  • View Terms and Conditions
  • Enter the cell number that you wish to receive the text message on – click submit
  • You will receive a code(Example: “start C3SDKG”), follow the on-screen directions to text your code and complete your enrollment.
  • You will receive a text verifying the enrollment is complete. Once you receive a message, we recommend that you save the number from which the message is received in your phone’s contacts as “EB Card Alerts” or something similar that you will recognize as a legitimate sender.


Exchange Bank ATM Card

The Exchange Bank ATM Card is free of charge to all Exchange Bank customers with approved credit. Use this card to withdrawal cash from one of our conveniently located ATM's or check your balance! There is a daily cash withdrawal limit of $400.00 with the Exchange Bank ATM Card.

Exchange Bank Debit Card

This Debit Card can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted and at any ATM! Enjoy the benefits of $1,200.00 in daily Point of Sale Purchases and $400.00 in daily cash withdrawal from any Exchange Bank ATM. Travel restrictions may apply. Please call Data Processing before travelling or using your card for International purchases.

Business Debit Card

The Business Debit Card allows you to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, draw money out of an ATM and it even compiles your spending analysis's! Just slip it into your wallet and leave your business checkbook at the office!

Stillwater Pioneer Debit Card

Help us give back to your schools! The Stillwater Pioneers Debit Card offers you a sleek design to show your Pioneer School Spirit. This check card provides the same convenience and services as a regular Debit Card, but a percentage of what you spend goes to the Stillwater Public School System!

Perry Maroon Debit Card

Help us give back to your schools! The Perry Maroon Debit Card offers you a sleek design to show your Maroon School Spirit. This check card provides the same convenience and services as a regular Debit Card, but a percentage of what you spend goes to the Perry Public School System!

Personality Debit Card

Do you want a card that shows off your personality? One that highlights a picture of your children or perhaps a favorite family pet? We have just what you are looking for! Now, you can place your very own photo on your Debit Card! Photo cards are not available "instantly." They will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days. Please click "ORDER MY PHOTO CARD" below to get started...






*All Exchange Bank Debit Cards and/or ATM Cards are issued only WITH APPROVED CREDIT. This includes Instant Issue Cards.*


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