Schedule of Fees

ATM/Check Card Balance Inquiry Fee NC
ATM/Check Card Replacement Card
(all card styles)
ATM/Check Card Lost PIN Number $5.00
ATM/Check Card transaction Fee (Our ATMs) NC
Cashiers Checks (customer) $3.00
Cashiers Checks (non-customer) $5.00
Check Cashing (non-customer) ($10 min fee) 2%
Collections (customer) $10.00
Collections (non-customer) $15.00
Counter Checks (each) $0.25
Dormant Account Monthly Fee $7.50
Gift Card Fee $5.00
Insufficient Funds Check Charge $25.00
Letters of Credit: .5% with a Minimum Fee of $25.00
Loan Payment by Telephone with Credit Card $2.00
Lock Bag $25.00
Image research copy $3.00
Money Orders (customer) $2.00
Money Orders (non customer) $4.00
Notary Fee (customer) NC
Notary Fee (non-customer) $5.00
Overdraft Daily Accrual Charge $4.00
Bounce Paid Item(s) Charge $25.00
Photocopies (each) $0.25
Research Time (per hour) $30.00
Returned Deposit Item Fee $4.00
Safe Deposit Box - Late Charge $5.00
Safe Deposit Box - Lost Key $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 3 X 5 (annually) $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 3 X 10 (annually) $40.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 5 X 5 (annually) $20.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 5 X 10 (annually) $50.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 10 X 10 (annually) $90.00
Safe Deposit Box Perry Location 10 X 20 (annually) $110.00
Safe Deposit Box Locker Perry Location  44 x 16 (annually) $350.00
Safe Deposit Box Stillwater Location 5 X 10 (annually) $60.00
Safe Deposit Box Stillwater Location 10 X 10 (annually) $100.00
Safe Deposit Box Locker Stillwater Location  44 X 16 (annually) $350.00
Safe Deposit Box Drill Charge $120.00
Statement Reprint $5.00
Stop Payment/Stop Payment Renewal $25.00
Sweep - (Overdraft) $15.00
Transaction Printout $2.00
Visa/MasterCard (wac) NC
Wire transfer - Incoming/Outgoing $15.00
Wire transfer International $40.00
Use of Coin Counting Machine (non-customer) 7% fee


NOTICE: Fees quoted above are subject to change without notice. Please contact a customer service representative for confirmation of current charges.

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