Statement of Condition

At the Close of Business
September 30, 2018
Resources:   Liabilities and Capital:
Cash and due from Banks $2,981,805.98   Deposits $238,312,974.74
Federal Funds Sold $385,211.29   Other Liabilites $4,764.881.02
U.S. Government Securities $23,071,418.27      
Municipal Bonds and Warrants $50,552,982.61   Capital Stock $1,000,000.00
Loans $176,766,198.02   Surplus $7,750.000.00
Less Reserves $2,300,712.98   Undivided Profits Net  
Loans Net of Reserves $176,766,198.02   of Unrealized Gain/Loss  
Bank Building and Fixtures $8,830,550.36   on Securities (2,203,290.41)
Accrued Income Receivables $1,613,248.10      
Miscellaneous Resources $8,570,652.41   Equity Capital $29,694,211.28
Total Resources $272,772,067.04   Total Liabilities and Capital $272,772,067.04

Perry Office:

*Charles R. Hall, Chairman/CEO

*Zack Hall, President-Perry

Connelly Wade, Executive Vice President

Deah Stubbs, Senior Vice President

Guyla Workman, Vice President

Rick Arterberry, Vice President

Tracy Anderson, Director of Operations

Kassy Groom, Cashier

Sheryl Vaughan, Asst. Cashier

Jill Hansen, Asst. Vice President

Kristy Jobes, Asst. Vice President

Amy Chenowith, Asst. Vice President


Stillwater Office:

Andrea Bendele, President-Stillwater

Linda Dickerson, Senior Vice President

Garrett Morris, Vice President

Brian Vowell, Vice President

Robin Dye, Vice President

Lois Malget, Vice President

Nicole Prince, Vice President

Jeannie Layes, Asst. Vice President

Will Andrews, Asst. Vice President

Haley Annuschat, Asst. Vice President



*Also Director

  Scott Pollman
Charles Machine Works - Retired

Juana B. Hall

Hall Properties



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