Exchange Bank Visa Corporate Credit Card

As a business owner, cash management is a top priority. We invite you to apply today for a VISA Corporate Card- the card that can play a key role in managing your bottom line.


Saving money and reducing expenses starts right away with 0% Introductory APR for six months on all purchases, balance transfers and cash advances you make with your new VISA Corporate Card.


Take a closer look at the advantages and savings available with the most powerful corporate card you can carry. See how easy it is to be in complete control of your finances...

  • Track your costs and expenses
  • Centralized billing statements or individual billing statements to monitor travel and entertainment expenses
  • Choose the day of the month that your billing statement is generated
  • Option to make minimum monthly payments or pay your balance in full each month

Plus, enjoy a wide range of travel-related benefits...

  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 27 million locations
  • Call 1-800-VISA-911 in case of emergencies while you are traveling
  • Emergency Cash and Card Replacement
  • Guaranteed Room Reservation Service
  • Auto Rental Insurance* that can save you up to $13 a day
  • Medical Referral Assistance*
  • Legal Referral Assistance*
  • $300,000 Automatic Travel Accident Insurance

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying the benefits today!

Click here to apply now... Visa Corporate Card Online Application.



*Certain restrictions, conditions and exclusions apply. Refer to program options for complete details.

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